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Project Description

Control Building


The Control Building is a classic decoration element with a total of three floors. It includes classic doors, a control office and a small billboard in the top.

  • Base dimensions: 360 x 220 mm

  • Height: 208 mm

  • Scale: 1:32

  • Material: High Quality Wood (MDF)

68€  76€

The Control Building consists of a total of three floors on which we can place offices, command posts, warehouses or meeting rooms. With ladders on its sides, this model admits a lot of decorative possibilities.

For both classic stages and modern circuits, the Control Building will mark a before and after in the organization of the race, it can not be missing from your circuit!

Note: the figures shown in the pictures are made by Carrera (R) and they are not sold with the ProScale Racing kit.

Download the assembly manual.

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