Project Description

Double grandstand


This double grandstand has a total of seven seat levels divided in two floors. A piece of art to allow our scale figures to see all the details of the race.

  • Base dimensions: 230 x 170 mm

  • Height: 330 mm

  • Scale: 1:32

  • Material: High Quality Wood (MDF)

58€  68€

If the standard spectators stands are already amazing, ¡this double grandstand is even better! Formed by a total of two floors and three levels of seats in each of them, they are manufactured in high quality wood.

They have a labyrinth of stairs full of very realistic details. Enjoy the assembly process and decorate it according to a classic or modern environment, ¡it’s up to your liking! Give your circuit the professional touch of ProScale Racing!

Download the assembly manual.

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