Project Description

Lateral pit boxes (x2)

PSR0202 – 1

The Lateral Pit Boxes are part of the PSR Pit Box lane. The design of this buildings includes windows in the laterals and armrests with corners, a great piece that cannot be missing in your circuit!

  • Base dimensions:  165 x 220 mm (each building)

  • Height: 120 mm

  • Scale: 1:32

  • Material: High Quality Wood (MDF)

52€  64€

Designed for the ends of the pit box line of the circuit, these buildings have the armrests of the upper floor at an opposite angle to maintain the aesthetics of the set.

An ideal furnishing element to present next to buildings such as the central box, the central box with tier or the box podium with control tower. Assemble as many as you want and enjoy a place to protect the cars of your circuit.

Download the assembly manual.

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