Project Description

“Modern” Lookout building


The attractive shape of this “Modern” Lookout building will be a reference in your circuit. Let’s allow our scale people to see every single detail of the race!

  • Base dimensions: 110 x 80 mm

  • Height: 127 mm

  • Scale: 1:32

  • Material: High Quality Wood (MDF)

1 Unit – 18€  24€

2 Units – 32€  48€

The lookout building we have called “Modern” is an ideal building for those who dare with more modern curves and shapes. Once located in the circuit, we will see that “Modern” is perfectly combinable with the rest of the surveillance posts.

Available individually or with a discount on a pack of 2 units. Do not miss it!

Note: the figures shown in the pictures are made by Carrera (R) and they are not sold with the ProScale Racing kit.

Download the assembly manual.

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