Project Description

Two floors multiuse building


A multiuse building that can be used to build hostels, control centers, familiar flats and so on. Let your imagination do its job!

  • Base dimensions: 360 x 220 mm

  • Height: 186 mm

  • Scale: 1:32

  • Material: High Quality Wood (MDF)

42€  49€

The access through stairs and the balcony that runs through the building from side to side are the features that make it more special. The ground floor can serve as a hall, a place for large group meetings, banquets and much more.

The first floor on the other hand has three single rooms on which to add all kinds of accessories to taste. According to the decoration that is added, you can consider single-family homes, apartments, offices or hotels among others.

Note: the wood engraving is not included in the price. It can be done manually after painting the external walls of the building.

Download the assembly manual.

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